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Craig Fairbrother Fine Art – All Commissions Undertaken

CraigArt – Fine Art Drawings

Art is subjective; not everybody likes the pretty-pretty work of the Impressionists, and the appeal of the Old Masters is far from universal. Surrealism? It may be escapist art of the highest order, but be honest, after a while it begins to age. CraigArt does not claim to offer you innovative ground-breaking pictures and illustrations; instead, we offer you what you want!

I – I’m Craig, by the way – have been drawing since I was a child and have always enjoyed it. Whatever you want me to draw I will consider the commission. Pet portraits are a particular speciality, and couldn’t be further removed from my favourite – deviant art! I can also design tattoos for you, or create a beautiful picture from a photograph.

That’s enough talk for now – let’s have a look at some artwork!

Like my Death Angel?

She’s a favourite of mine, a beauty with a dark secret!

Here’s the Great Man Bob Marley!

Bob is always a popular subject, and has one of those simply drawable faces!

Whatever you want me to draw I can draw, so why not drop me a line be leaving a comment here, and discuss your commission further?

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